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Customer Testimonials

“Thanks a ton for your prompt delivery! I am extremely pleased with the product and was able to wear it for the event on saturday. I recieved a lot of compliments as well! Hope to see more collections in the teracotta jewllery, especially in the earing section! Thanks once again!“
Julie Antony, Kirkland WA, USA


“I was so excited to receive my Terracotta Jhumkas order by mail. I was really worried if it would be in good condition. It was really good. Thank you so much for shipping it to me safely. The earring is extraordinarily good. This is exactly what I wanted. Once again, thank you so much“
Teena, Kerala, India


“I am so happy to have found your website. I am in love with terracotta jewelry and was looking to buy online. I recently made my first purchase - a gift for my niece's b'day...it was lovely just as pictured and she loved it!“
Raji Kaul, Mountain View, CA, USA


“I got your jewelery sent via mail today.It was absolutely fine.
I would like to thank you again for the nice piece of jewelery. From the picture I could only guess it was beautiful but when I got it in my hands I found it even more beautiful!! They are really nice.
Hope to buy some more interesting pieces of jewelery from your boutique in the future.“
Sharmistha, Virginia, USA


“I got the jewelry sent via mail yesterday.
Its beautiful and exactly how I expected it to be.... the colors are as vivid as shown on your web store.
I hope to buy some more jewelry from Sparque.“
Krithika, California, USA


“The package arrived as promised in 3 days time and in pristine condition. Yes i will definitely buy from Sparque Studio. You guys rock....“
Jaya, Dubai, UAE


“I received my package intact and on time. The jewelery is exquisite and I absolutely love it.
I look forward to buy more unique pieces from you.“
Raji Prasad, Houston, Tx, USA


“The necklace was beautiful, even better than I expected. There was a mess-up with my shipment, and the business owner ensured she communicated regarding the delay to me. I am very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend this store!“
Meera Nandakumar, Sunnyvale, CA, USA


“I got the jewelry yesterday and I like it a lot. It is really quite exquisite and I have actually hidden it from my girls because I know I will have stiff competition in terms of who will wear it first! The combination of the pink lotus and dark Ganesha along with the gold colored beads shows off the earthy beauty of the piece.
Thank you so much for sending it - the packaging was also very good - and I look forward to wearing this on Mother's day!!!!“
Sandhya Ashok, Morgan Hill, CA, USA


“Hi from Colorado - I recently bought teracotta jewellery from Sparque. The piece was superb and the customer service has been very professional. The company Sparque is my new best friend.“
Asha Jayaraman, Colorado, USA